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Gerald Hoarau

Gerald Hoarau

ホラオ ゲラルド シニアエンジニア
  • インユーのいいところ
    Freedom to work, nice environment, good location
  • 働きがい
    Reward system
  • 大変なところ
    Going fast, must be flexible and responsive
  • 印象的なエピソード
    The transition to the new system
  • どんなカルチャーの会社なの?
    I think the company embrace the multi cultural mindset with many employees from different countries.
  • どんな人と働きたいか?
    Solutions finder, cooperative and friendly
  • 今後挑戦したいこと
    Improving the current system and developing new features. Helping the other members to reduce their working load