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Izumi Tirado

Izumi Tirado

ティラド イズミ 国際事業開発マネージャー
  • インユーのいいところ
    I enjoy the cooperative and friendly culture of the company

  • 働きがい
    I find it rewarding that even small daily achievements are celebrated and appreciated by everyone in the company.
  • 大変なところ
    The biggest challenge is the language barrier, communication can be difficult sometimes although it is nothing that google translate cannot solve :). Also, everyone has the best disposition to overcome that challenge and make it easier to face.

  • 印象的なエピソード
    I’m impressed and really enjoy to watch, how when one colleague accomplishes a task other colleagues celebrate by clapping and are very grateful for the help received.

  • どんなカルチャーの会社なの?
    It’s a friendly and relaxed company culture, where communication with superiors and among peers takes place without bureaucracy
  • どんな人と働きたいか?
    I enjoy working with everyone in the office
  • 今後挑戦したいこと

    I want to successfully increase the operations of the company abroad