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Pichamon L.

Pichamon L.

ルサクンチャロエン ピチャモン エンジニア
  • インユーのいいところ
    IN YOU is a company which strives to put not only the health of the customers first, but also that of its employees. Our products are carefully selected with the strictest of standards to bring about a guaranteed organic and healthy lifestyle to our customers. Whenever there is a new organic food product, the employees will also all get to try them as well. Everyone in the company is a pleasure to work with and you will feel happy to be working in such a heart-warming workplace!
  • 働きがい
    Working as an engineer here, I love how I get to work on numerous tasks ranging from frontend/backend projects, to marketing and digital creatives design. The work is never boring, and I always get to challenge myself with new projects that are assigned to me. During lunch time, or sometimes even during short breaks while working, I also enjoy having cross-cultural conversations with my colleagues. Since the work content and people at the office are always interesting to be around, it makes coming to work often not feel like a chore.
  • 大変なところ
    As a foreigner with basic level of Japanese working at a Japanese company, language barrier will often pose as a slight problem from time to time. The main communication within the company is usually done in Japanese, and sometimes it can be difficult to catch up with conversations, task explanations or the work group chat. Despite some slight struggles, there will still always be someone out there at the office who is willing to help whenever needed!
  • 印象的なエピソード
    One of the memorable episodes seen at the company is when the Japanese colleagues who are not good at English do their best to try and communicate with foreign colleagues who do not know Japanese. From translation tools to overly expressive hand gestures, it was warming to see the willingness of everyone to be able to communicate with one another.
  • どんなカルチャーの会社なの?
    We have a friendly working environment in which everyone encourages each other to do their best and continuously improve their potential! There is no strict hierarchy in the office, so you can freely discuss and express your opinions with your manager or the person involved at any time as well. For people who don’t like doing tedious tasks, it is also a great place to challenge yourself with various new projects you are interested in! For foreigners, even if your Japanese is not perfect, there are always people out there who would gladly help you out and find means to communicate with you.
  • どんな人と働きたいか?
    Someone who is fun, cheerful, kind, and will always try their best in the work that they do!
  • 今後挑戦したいこと
    I want to continue trying new things at least once a month and improve my engineering skills through not only the creation of new functions, but through the integration of new technological tools at the company whenever there is a chance as well.
    Pichamon Lertsakuncharoen